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Study Abroad: My First International Flight

I was going to write a blog post from the airport in Toronto, but the wifi was absolutely awful.  Now, though, I’m writing from my kollegium in Copenhagen!

Turned out Chris was flying into Denver at almost exactly the same time I was flying out, so he came to visit me at my gate, which was nice.

My next stop, Toronto, might have been the nicest airport I’ve ever been to, despite the terrible internet situation.  About half the stores sold designer purses and expensive items like that, and all of the chairs have iPads in front of them, which are hooked up to the nearby restaurants so you can order food and drinks.  Also, the sign in the store where I bought food was a little….stereotypically Canadian?

After the six hour layover there, I had my flight to Copenhagen, which was incredibly long.  I befriended a Canadian couple on the plane who were coming to Europe for a Scandinavian cruise.  My bag wasn’t lost and we were only half an hour late to arrive, so I consider it a success.

After arriving at the airport, we were transported to our housing (which, as you may recall from the last post, is a type of Danish dorm called a kollegium).  It seems nice, and I’ll learn more about it tonight when we have an info meeting.  Mine is the striped bed.  Orientation starts tomorrow!

Denmark Europe Study Abroad

Study Abroad: I Have A Place To Live

(Image from DIS)

I have my passport back from the Russian consulate, I’m mostly packed, and I only have about 9 days left until I leave!

I got information about housing today.  I’m living in a kollegium, which is basically the Danish version of a dorm.  The best part, however, is that I have a kitchenette in my room, so I can control what I’m eating and not have to worry about being on a meal plan or anything.  Mine is called Hoffmanns Minde Kollegiet, pictured above, and it’s in the suburb of Brønshøj.  It only has about 100 people total.  Half will be DIS students, and the other half will be Danish and international students.  According to google maps, it’s about 30-40 minutes by bus ride, or about 25 minutes if I get a bike.  Still deciding if I want to get a bike…. I’m not usually a very outdoorsy person.  We’ll see.

In other news, I’ve been in contact with my German relatives, who we lost contact with some 30+ years ago.  I felt somewhat creepy, emailing them out of the blue and telling them we were related, but they were incredibly nice and said that I was welcome to stay with them.  So, I will be flying into Munich and spending time with them in the small German town of Weißenhorn for a couple days this fall!