The list of places I want to go keeps growing, much like the list of books I want to read. That said, here are some of the top contenders, in a very loose ranking.

Up Next: Singapore & North Vietnam, Iceland Pt. 2, Australia

Top Fifteen Travel Goals
  1. South Asia & the Himalayas: We’re talking Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. I’ve been doing some research in this region, because a friend and I have been talking about going, and it looks incredible. Such beautiful landscapes and amazing cultural sites. Plus, I’d like to see Mount Everest from a safe and comfortable distance!
  2. Egypt & Jordan: Who among us hasn’t gone through an Egypt phase? I desperately want to see the pyramids and the Nile and the massive temples all throughout the country. I want to go over to Jordan so I can visit Petra and pretend I’m in an Indiana-Jones-style adventure, and then I want to see Wadi Rum and float in the Dead Sea. I haven’t been anywhere in the Middle East yet and this seems like the perfect place to start.
  3. Chile & Easter Island: Being that this is a fairly remote island off the coast of Chile, it’s quite expensive and the logistics can be challenging. That said, I’ve been dreaming of it for years, and it would be a good region for my next foray into South America.
  4. Georgia: Not the U.S. state. No, we’re talking about the literal birthplace of wine, with villages dotted next to the mountains and ancient monasteries. This whole region is on my list, actually. I know Armenia is supposed to be beautiful as well and I definitely want to explore Baku in Azerbaijan.
  5. New Zealand: For such a small country, New Zealand has an astounding amount of natural beauty. I want to go to the glowworm caves and travel up and down the country, taking in mountains and lakes. Plus, everyone I’ve ever met from New Zealand has made me want to visit even more.
  6. Machu Picchu: One of the wonders of the world, and one of my top priorities in South America. I can’t imagine the work that went into building such a society on the top of a mountaintop, but I’d love to go experience it for myself! There are lots of other amazing sites in Peru that I could do as part of such a trip.
  7. Argentina: The birthplace of the tango. World class wineries. Glaciers, penguins, and clear blue lakes in Patagonia. What’s not to love? Also, after Ecuador, I am convinced that South America is absolutely amazing.
  8. Namibia: There are a lot of amazing countries in Africa that I want to visit, but Namibia captures the imagination in a way that few others do. The landscapes are utterly unique and I would love to explore this region.
  9. Austria: Yeah, I’ve ~technically~ been here. I ate one pastry and walked around a town on the border of Germany for a few hours. But I want to sit in coffee shops in Vienna and recreate The Sound of Music in Salzburg and marvel at the Alps.
  10. Greenland: I want to go dog sledding here, and ideally walk on a few more glaciers. We learned about Greenland when I was on study abroad, because they are still officially under Danish rule, but I want to see as much as I can of this remote territory.
  11. Mongolia: I initially thought I would do this as part of the Trans Siberian Railway, but that’s looking untenable for the foreseeable future. The wide open spaces and fascinating culture mean this is still on the priority list even if I can’t use it as a launching point for Lake Baikal.
  12. Rwanda: This is one of the first places I want to see in Africa. I am fascinated by how countries deal with recent conflicts, so I want to go to some of the museums and monuments, and of course there’s gorilla trekking and the magnificent landscapes across the region.
  13. South Korea: I visited Seoul on the way home from China in January 2019 and absolutely adored it. I would love to go explore beyond Seoul and spend a few more days in one of my favorite cities.
  14. UAE & Oman: I haven’t been anywhere in the Middle East yet, but I absolutely want to stand in the world’s tallest building and walk on a man made island. Oman looks gorgeous and underrated and would make a great addition to the trip!
  15. Mexico: So, fun fact, even though I’ve explored on the other side of the world, I still haven’t gone to Mexico! Obviously, the Yucatan peninsula has some amazing historical sites, and I’d love to visit Chichen Itza, because seeing all the seven wonders is on my list. I’m also interested in exploring Mexico City!