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Copenhagen: Castles, Horse Sculptures, and Sandwiches

Today’s orientation activities started with something DIS calls the “Amazing Race,” which wasn’t really a race at all but a list of places to go where professors waited and gave us explanations of the history of those areas.  My group went to Amalienborg Palace, where the royal family lives, followed by Rosenborg Palace, which is where the crown jewels are located and is surrounded by the King’s Gardens.  Then we went to Gråbrødretorv, which is a square with a lot of little restaurants and cafés, and learned about the architecture of Copenhagen.  The last stop was Christiansborg, which is where the Danish Parliament was located.  Fun fact: If you want to know if the sculptor admired their horse-riding subject, check the gender of the horse.  Male horses meant the subject was admired.  Guess what we spent our time near parliament doing.

We then went to a sandwich shop near Christiansborg.  When you sit outside, there are blankets on the chairs.  Our waitress actually put one around my shoulders… she seemed to feel very strongly that we didn’t get cold outside.

I also got books for class, and I think I’ll have a lot of reading.  It’s kind of my own fault for taking three English classes though.  And the subjects will be interesting.  I’m looking forward to classes starting Thursday!  Even if I’m not looking forward to doing assignments again…..

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