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Copenhagen: Exploring and Grocery Shopping

After our morning orientation sessions on DIS and the kollegium, I spent the free afternoon wandering through Copenhagen with some friends from my kollegium.  We mostly just walked towards pretty buildings and went down Strøget, which is a pedestrian street full of shops.  Although I didn’t buy anything, it was good practice in mentally converting kroner to dollars.

It rains about five times a day here with no warning and will stop just as suddenly.  It might even be weirder than Colorado.  I’ll definitely need to  start carrying an umbrella regularly.

Today also marks the first day I went grocery shopping.  It was incredibly overwhelming, because I don’t know what any of the food labels say.  Instructions for things are in Danish and Swedish, I’m not sure if what I bought is actually tomato sauce, and apparently the yogurt comes in cartons so people often get that instead of milk by accident…. We’ll see how well I manage to keep myself fed.